Frank Turner Free Show at the Horseshoe Tavern in Toronto About Oh, Two Weeks Ago.

10 02 2010

As more and more of Toronto’s finest music fans sneak into the Horseshoe Tavern last Tuesday a competition arises. Everyone is meeting eyes looking everyone up and down. Everybody’s eyes everywhere but on the opening band, Newmarket’s indie-country band Cavaliers.

The tension grows as the frowns come out as Cavaliers hit the stage. Who can glare more intensely into the souls of the band? Winner takes all. Last person to break character of seriousness of the Toronto music scene wins. What do they win? Nothing. Well maybe an eye full of jealousy but that more commonly happens to girls.

Cheer up kids its just music. Sing-a-long, have a pint and enjoy

As a build up to his American tour with Flogging Molly, English folk-punk singer Frank Turner was the main event at last Tuesday’s Nu-Music Night at the Horseshoe Tavern.

The legendary venue was packed wall to wall to see the Englishmen’s free solo show where he touched on the simpler things in life. Angst soaked songs of growing up and good times sopped up most of Turner’s set.

Jogging back and forth from his older releases “Sleep Is For The Weak” and “Love Ire And Song” and filling the gaps with tunes from his September 2009 Epitaph Records release “Poetry Of The Deed.” Turner’s solo acoustic set was a great mix for any old fans, newer fans and first time listeners.  It was music played the way he wanted, with lots of heart and honesty.

The Horseshoe keeps up to its legendary status as it offers free music nights every Tuesday night with some of the greatest acts in music. Starting in 1998 the venue introduced an innovative artist development program to showcase emerging music acts for no cover.  Artists like Reel Big Fish, Goldfinger and Billy Talent have all been showcased on no cover Tuesdays to help them find their feet.

So, if you’re feeling cheap, are cheap or trying to be cheap slide into the Horseshoe Tavern and take in some of the up and coming musical talent North America has to offer.


Starting With My Top Ten Albums of the Decade. (Cliche I Know)

30 11 2009

This is my top 10 albums of the decade or the last 10 years cause I know some people get confused with all the decades, centuries and millenniums. Why do we need to shorten everything in life now? Saying ten years doesn’t save anytime either, maybe a millisecond. If we add up all these milliseconds we saved using all these short forms in our vernacular can we trade them in at the end of life for a prize? Say paper clip, a small toy racing car, a hair clip or a longer life. Anyways, a decade is 10 years. So, the list spans the first decade of the new millennium so the years 2000 to 2010. After this I guess it’ll be the best albums of the first century of the new millennium that will include the list of the first decade but scattered throughout the century that is 50 years. A century is 50 years.

            Now, we all know how the Internet works. Someone no body knows or cares about posts a list or an opinion and it sits there waiting for Internet snipers to find it just to call it wrong and rip it apart. There’s one thing you have to understand with this list. It’s my list. Many of the albums on this list probably aren’t considered critically acclaimed. These are albums that affected my life and turned me into the asshole I am today. There’s a lot I want to mention but 10 years isn’t enough. Also, 1999 was a good year for albums. Maybe I’ll do a list strictly to the best albums of 1999. So hopefully, this is an enjoyable list.


10. Brand New- Your Favourite Weapon. October 9, 2001. Razor and Tie Records

            Your Favourite Weapon threw me into a different stratosphere of music. At the time of me buying it I was listening to Green Day, Blink 182 and things like that. For me this album entered emotion into my search for new bands. The utter raw screaming and crunch guitars definitely were like nothing else I had heard at the time. Brand New opened me up to a grunge sound that I hadn’t experienced before this album.


9. Rufio- Perhaps I Suppose…June 12, 2001. Militia Records

            I’ve always liked Rufio and this album is definitely their best. Everything is perfect. Also, the guitar work was a stray away from the usual chugging you hear in your usual pop-punk. It added the catchy metal inspired riff into the equation.


8. A Day To Remember- For Those Who Have Heart. January 27, 2007. Victory Records

            A Day To Remember is definitely a newer band out there. Just getting their feet in the music industry but their first full-length “For Those Who Have Heart” definitely owns the faces of any hardcore, metal or pop-punk kids out there. With it’s heavy belting breakdowns and melodic poppy choruses it shows such an exciting mix of two different genres. It’s always good when bands are original. ADTR are definitely a hard rough example of creativity and originality to change two genres forever.


7. Between The Buried And Me- Colors. September 18, 2007. Victory Records

            One of the first and few metal bands I still like. Colors is just amazing there’s nothing to really say. It’s one of the longest albums I listen to but it’s worth the hour and four minutes of amazing musicianship. I saw them live and they played the whole album and that was it for me a fan for life.


6. Lifetime- Lifetime. February 6, 2007. Fueled By Ramen/ Decaydance

            One of the most interesting and amazing comeback albums of all time. Lifetime fell off the radar in the 90s after a couple full-length releases and interesting enough Fall Out Boy’s Pete Wentz signed them and they released their self-titled album. It was nothing like I had heard at this point. I was well into punk but this album took all the hardcore punk elements and turned them inside out into this collection of weirdly catchy and addictive songs.


5. Daggermouth- Turf Wars.  March 13, 2007. State Of Mind Records

            Canada’s own. Daggermouth have been having some problems lately and their future is bleak. But thanks for releasing this album before the troubles. “Turf Wars” added the hardcore amendment to Canadian music that has been missing for a while.  I know about Comeback Kid and all that but Daggermouth definitely gave it the boost it needed. How much could Comeback Kid do on their own when they were strictly touring Canada for so long? Daggermouth brought it to the States and killed shows up and down the west coast.


4. Motion City Soundtrack- I Am The Movie. June 24, 2003. Epitaph Records

            What can I say? Motion City Soundtrack is basically The Get Up Kids. But if you want to duplicate something as well as MCS have then by all means as long as it’s good. Motion City Soundtrack was one of my favourite bands with this release. It had fast, slow, fucked up songs and that’s what I liked at the time of its release.


3.Fall Out Boy- Take This To Your Grave. May 6, 2003. Fueled By Ramen

            “Take This To Your Grave” did something with pop-punk that a lot of other bands couldn’t do before it. It made the heavier pop music radio friendly. I have no problems with the music I like being on the radio. The more plays they get the more money they get the more material they release and the more they tour. What’s wrong with that? There’s no such thing as selling out. Isn’t making it in the music business why you’re in a serious band in the first place? I love this album. Always have and always will.


2. New Found Glory- New Found Glory. September 26, 2000. Drive-Thru Records

            New Found Glory is definitely my favourite band of all time. Why it’s not number 1? Because I couldn’t put “Nothing Gold Can Stay” cause that was released in 1999. This album is what sent NFG into the pop-punk hall of fame with every song catchier than the next.  They quickly became one of my favourite bands after this release with every album getting bigger and bigger.


1. Saves The Day- Stay What You Are. July 10, 2001. Vagrant Records

            “Stay What You Are” is a peak into Chris Conely’s dark thoughts on life. He put into this album what most angst filled teenagers are thinking. It was the perfect album for me during high school and college because it put everything I wanted to do into song without having to hurt anyone. It’s just bottom line a great album and is rightfully so at number 1.